1. PACBI: Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. PACBI’s Call for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel published on July 6, 2004: http://pacbi.org/etemplate.php?id=869/
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  3. For a list of some of the ways that this surge of attention is not helping Iranian art read: Salemy, Mohammad, Six Reasons As To Why The Recent Surge Of Interest In Iranian Contemporary Artists Is Not Productive For Iranian Art http://dadabasenyc.com/six-reasons-as-to-why-the-recent-surge-of-interest-in-iranian-contemporary-artists-is-not-productive-for-iranian-art/
  4. Smith, Andrea, The Problem with Privilege, published August 14, 2013 on Andrea Smith’s website: http://andrea366.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/the-problem-with-privilege-by-andrea-smith/
  5. In a video clip entitled “Inside Asia Society’s ‘Iran Modern’ Exhibition” published on Asia Society’s website, Melissa Chiu offers insights into the exhibition Iran Modern, on view at Asia Society Museum in New York City through January 5, 2014:
    “What this exhibitions allows us to do and for many Americans is to learn about a time in Iranian history when the U.S. and Iran actually had many relations. Many Iranian artists were engaging with international art. It was a time generally speaking when there was an enormous amount of creativity. Artists were experimenting with new ideas that were on the one hand very localized. They were adapting local or even folks sometimes even spiritual ideas about an issue. But on the other hand it was developing an international language. So on the one hand in the exhibition we have works that are about a movement called Saqqakhane, which is about being grounded in Iranian culture. And then on the other hand, we have a theme in this exhibition, which is all about abstraction, which is very much an international medium. So we’re kind of trying to set the stage of understanding how complex Iranian art was at that time.” Chiu goes on to say that artists continue to face censorship in Iran. “In the midst of increasing tensions between Iran and the West,” she hopes “the exhibit sheds a different light on Iran’s history.” http://asiasociety.org/video/arts/inside-asia-societys-iran-modern-exhibition.
    On Sep 16, 2013 Charlie Rose also covered Iran Modern Exhibition in the absence of any Iranian individuals, including the curator of the exhibition, Fereshteh Daftari. For more commentaries and insights watch the full interview here: http://asiasociety.org/blog/asia/watch-charlie-rose-covers-iran-modern
  6. Read the full interview conducted by Dan Washburn and published Oct 22, 2013 on Asia Society’s blog here: http://asiasociety.org/blog/asia/interview-what-it-was-travel-iran-andy-warhol-1976
  7. From My Sweet Little Terrorist Song written by Sohrab Mohebbi of 127 band from the album Magnitizdat [Songs of Terror & Hope], 2007