Insomnia Cycle 44



She’ s the queen of Neo-Soul    Slow it down    Heya    Suddenly I’m
standing    What do you want from me    You make me want to leave
Look    It’s not about music    There were three young orphans    Four
But about that    Make it disappear    The truth will vanish with them    The
truth has your word    The truth is almost    Hey, stupid    Don’t be so
dramatic    They make fortunes building bombs    The stone age is before
us    Get outta here    Go on    The story won’t get out    It’s not about
music    It’s not about making something that makes something else    She
snaps her fingers but the earth quakes    She   ah   ah   ahhhhs   but He still
came home    She sways a dance we don’t know how to name   When you
want your horizon to work, you’ll celebrate it first    There were four
orphans but you don’t remember their names    Suddenly, they’re gone
You don’t have to pay a cent    Put that money in your pocket    She sings
for free    She knows that Truth is ancient and extinct    She knows there
are things that can change you forever    In the darkest times, the canyon is
unexpected and still there    The canyon is in her belly and full of C notes
The canyon is an assailant    The story won’t get out    The truth refuses to
name a source    Slow it down    No one talks about the truth anymore
Suddenly, I’m standing    Goodbye    Don’t come back